Mauje Naina - Clinton Cerejo feat Bianca Gomes, Shadab & Altamash, Coke Studio @ MTV Season 2

Mauje Naina is a dark song sung by a man who cheats on his wife. In this song he sings about his new lover and his feelings for her, all the while torn by those very feelings. He describes her irresistible aura and how she's playing with his heart & emotions. The female vocals however are very seductive and attempt to entice the man. This sensuality is evenly matched by the helplessness & doubt in the male vocals. The dhol section takes centre stage in this haunting track. Find the lyrics at Credits: Language: Hindi & English Composer: Clinton Cerejo Producer: Clinton Cerejo Vocals: Bianca Gomes, Shadab Faridi & Altamash Faridi Lyrics: Hindi Lyrics by Manoj Yadav, English Lyrics by Ajinkya Iyer String Section: Jitendra Thakur & strings Keys: Beven Fonseca Keys: Aman Mahajan Keys: Clinton Cerejo Drums: Lindsay D'Mello Electric Guitar: Shon Pinto Electric Guitar: Nyzel D'Lima Bass: Rushad Mistry Indian Percussion: Aslam Dafrani Indian Percussion: Haneef Dafrani Backing Vocals: Lynn D'souza Backing Vocals: Thomson Andrews Backing Vocals: Dwayne Leroy Gamree Backing Vocals: Crystal Sequeira Recorded by: Steve Fitzmaurice, Ashish Manchanda (Flying Carpet Productions, Mumbai), assisted by Thorsten Muller Mixed by Steve Fitzmaurice at the Pierce Rooms, London Mastered by Bunt Stafford Clark at the Pierce Rooms, London. Song Synopsis: "You think I'm crazy, but I'm not. When I close my eyes, The lights go off. Lie awake in my bed, Your secrets in my head. you think I'm crazy, Mauje naina milke , Maujey naina milke Mauje naina milke , Maujey naina milke Mauje naina milke , Maujey naina milke Mauje naina milke , Maujey naina milke Kaai ka jharnaa hai, Masla ghinaunaa hai, Maujey naina milke , Maujey naina milke Dil kaa khilaunaa hai, har dil ka rona hai, Mauje nainan milke, Maujey naina milke Ankhyaan thagaa gayin, Behudi fansaa gayin, Maatam manaate hain chainaa, Pinjarey ko tod ke, galtiyaan batore ke, Kyun tadfadaati hai mainaa, bus karo na, I just point the way, Watch you go down. Like a sure refrain, You come around Lie awake, unprepared, To still the madness in my head Don't think I'm crazy, I'm not! When I close my eyes The lights go off Pokhraa inaari dooba sab khayaal jabse russeyaa, kyun jiya sahararatan bewajah yun aadatan fansyaa, kya bhalaa buraa, murkh maajraa, ji ka rona, dhona, khatam bhi karo na, Dil kareyga dil ki chaakhree, Mauje naina milke , Maujey naina milke Mauje naina milke , Maujey naina milke Mauje naina milke , Maujey naina milke Mauje naina milke , Maujey naina milke Baaloo hai sona hai, pichkaa fulaonaa hai, Maujey naina milke , maujey naina milke Semar ka dona hai, footaa bhagaunaa hai, Mauje nainan milke, maujey naina milke Affnaati dhaar mein, khar pattwaar pe, Cheekhe fatingey ki behnaa, Ant ke toofan se, maut ke ufaan mein, Ladti hai sanson ki senaa, bus karo na, I love the games we play This cat and mouse Build your house of cards I burn it down Like the muzzle I can't restrain, You breathe a fire in my veins You think I'm crazy Meaning: The Poet has beautifully contained the free nature of eyes into this poem, summarizing the fact that as much as they are free to roam the world...they will always remain contained in one frame...just like life that is controlled by someone above. He says no matter what goes on in life, I (eyes/conscience) am always awake, taking account of every step/deed of your life. As life is an unstoppable cycle, eyes always hunt for all that a heart desires, most times, the pursuit of those desires give us pain and misery...taking away our peace of mind. But we remain a prisoner to our heart... stuck with unreasonable habits and hence, always restless. The body is after all, a temporary vehicle, the fuel of which is going to run out soon. Everything that has come will go, no matter how much fight we put up...the end is inevitable! We are just puppets playing our parts and no matter how much we conquer, attain and build...nothing will go along in the final journey of life. Download this song NOW!